Review: Tapestry Equine Products English Comfort Girth

Since I’m a big fan of the Tapestry Equine Products Spursuaders which I posted a review on last winter (you can check it out here) I was really excited to try their English Comfort Girth because I always put my horses care and comfort above everything else.

The Tapestry English Comfort Girth has a 6″ sternum pad (the pony girths have a 4″ sternum pad) with non-slip neoprene that helps keep the girth and saddle in place and elastic that breathes with the horse relieving pressure behind the elbows.


As a hunter rider, I have always used a standard hunter girth. I usually school in a Professional’s Choice or the new Equifit Schooling Girth. I’ve been tempted to try the Total Equine Relief girth which promises shoulder relief for horses but after reading some conflicting reviews I decided to pass and save my money.

Cam in the English Comfort Girth

The Tapestry English Comfort Girth has stainless steel buckles and a D ring for martingale or breastplate attachment, but the sternum pad was too wide for me to run my normal martingale through and at the time I didn’t have a clip to attach mine with. I think it would be a good solve though for someone that may have the same issue as me!

Flatting in the girth, Cam seemed to move better and have greater range of motion through his shoulder at both the trot and canter. When I jumped in the girth he was a little up and I think having my martingale would have helped, but he didn’t seem fazed by the sternum pad at all which was the one thing I worried about since his normal schooling girth is completely soft vs having a solid sternum pad in the center. My saddle didn’t slip, which is another plus the girth offers, but I haven’t had that issue in the past so I can’t attest to that claim – but many reviews do!


The Tapestry Comfort Girth is available in brown easy care genuine leather and elastic from sizes 38” to 42″ (pony size) and 44″ to 56″ and has many solid endorsements behind it which you can read here!

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