Hooray for Boobies!

Ok, maybe not hooray. Actually I think boobs can be really annoying. With so many different types and strap configurations, finding the right one can be kind of overwhelming (and uncomfortable.) And all of that effort just to get our ladies looking perfect and perky underneath whatever we’ve decided to wear that day! Honestly I think I’d rather go to the dentist than try on bras.

I’ve been wearing the same Lululemon bras for working out and riding over and over again. What I don’t like about them: they give me a pancake uni-boob look (don’t worry, photos are included at the end of this post.) Oh, and phantom side/back rolls since the seam is thicker than the material itself, causing the outline of the bra to be extremely visible through the thin TS/EIS sun shirts I normally wear. NO. THANKS.

So, I finally decided that enough was enough and ordered a handful of bras online. Telling myself not to hold my breath, I anxiously waited for my new purchases to arrive.

Well… they did, hence why I’m writing this blog post. I’m super excited to say that I was pleasantly surprised by my choices & hope these quick reviews can help you escape the phantom back roll, pancake uni-boob creators.

Before I start… two things. #1: I normally wear a 34C. I don’t need a TON of support but will take it when I can. #2: None of these reviews are sponsored. I did not receive anything for free nor am I getting compensated if you shop my links. I seriously doubt these companies will even read this. Ok – ready? Here we go.

1. True & Co. ‘True Body Lift V Neck Racerback Bra – $58.00

Top Line: I feel like I’m not wearing anything. This has to be the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn. I don’t even want to call it a bra. The ‘lift’ creates the illusion you’re wearing an underwire. The material is stretchy and smooth, so much so that it disappears underneath even a thin TS sun shirt. (See photo!)

Pros: comfortable, $$, free return policy, can wear everyday and riding.

Cons: minimal support (so if you’re trying to solve for serious bouncing this may not be the bra for you), great for under a riding sun shirt or everyday tee but the straps look too wide to wear under a tank top.

Note: I ordered a size M, it also comes in a ‘non lift’ version which I found not supportive enough for everyday wear. Maybe around the house, but I wouldn’t ride in it.

Buy it here.

2. SheFit ‘Ultimate Sports Bra’ – $64.00

Top Line: Not going to lie, I was a little intimidated by this one when I first took it out of the packaging. I felt like I was strapping my boobies up in a miniature kevlar vest. But once I got into it, I felt GREAT. The material is substantial and zips up the front. You can adjust the back and shoulder straps for a seriously perfect fit. No uniboob, just strong, awesome support. Ladies suffering from bouncing issues, this. is. your. bra.

Pros: amazing support, no uniboob, adjustable back and shoulder straps for a perfect fit. Shipping was also super fast. This one made me look awesome.

Cons: after wearing the True & Co. bra, this felt almost rough against my skin. But after I had it on for a while I completely forgot I was wearing it. I had to remind myself I was going from one extreme to another.

Note: I ordered a size M, they also have a second bra called the ‘Perfect Lounge Bra‘ which I want to try because I think it may be a little more my speed from a support standpoint. I don’t NEED to be strapped in, but I sure do appreciate it. I’ll let you know if I try it!

Buy it here.

 3. Athleta ‘A-C Everyday Bra’ – $54.00

Top Line: I purchased their Mesh Around bra last summer with high hopes but quickly fell out of love with it after the cups refused to stay put and sweating caused it to stretch out quickly. No. Thanks. This bra has molded cups (so nothing will fall out in the wash!!!) and the racerback strap is adjustable. I bought a M and the cups are almost a little too big, but they work well enough that I decided to keep it.

Pros: $$, pretty colors, no cup padding to lose in the wash.

Cons: I am every so slightly in between sizes. I feel like the size S cup would fit me better but be too tight in the band since it’s not adjustable.

Note: Sorry, I only took a front photo of this one. BUT the back was seamless like the others which is why this one is a winner in my book.


Buy it here.

Out With the Old…

So you know, here’s what I’ve been working with:

Pancake uni-boob and phantom back rolls. This particular bra is the Lululemon Flow-Y bra. I loved the material and it held me in place, so I didn’t really think twice about it until I started to watch video of myself riding. It just wasn’t flattering. I also tried their Energy and Invigorate bras, but had the same fit issues.

The other bra I tried was the Knixwear 8-in-1 Evolution bra. (Both the padded and regular versions.) I’m sad to say after one day of wear, I threw it in the trash. I was that frustrated with it. The fit was awkward, with gapping cups and sides even when I adjusted the straps and back. The straps also came undone easily, which was a no-go for me. Overall, I found it be more of a headache to try and assemble than I thought a bra should be.

So – those are my fabulous finds! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email or DM on Instagram @theecequestrian.



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  1. Another GREAT bra is the Victoria’s Secret Angel Max Sports Bra! AMAZING support, super comfy and amazing for bouncing issues.

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