Show/Barn Bag Essentials

Allow me to let you learn from my past mistakes. Here are the items that have saved me when I’m in a pinch and those “oh that will never happen!” things actually do happen.

I’ve made it easy for you, all of the images are shoppable. Buy ’em, put them in a bag, and hopefully your pre-show anxiety (if you get it like I do) lessens ever so slightly from knowing you’ve got the managable “what if’s” covered.

1. Avoid Pesky Stains

If you’ve made it through an entire day of being around horses without getting some sort of dirt or stain on your clothes, please share your magic ways. Having to be turned out to the nines at a show (and staying that way) is nearly impossible. Do yourself a favor and keep a stain remover stick on hand. You can thank me later.

2. Stop Worrying About Rogue Buttons

Is there anything worse than having your horse rip off one of your show coat buttons or losing one on your show shirt? Or maybe the thread was getting loose and you kept putting off getting it fixed and oops, today is the day it’s decided to say au revoir. Avoid accidental flashing or looking sloppy with these temporary buttons that require ZERO needle and thread and will help keep you together when you’re in a pinch.

3. Nurse Your Ego, Not Your Bruises

Take a tumble? It’s ok, we’ve all been there. Keep a small bottle of Advil on hand to ease those aches and pains (or whatever else may ail you.)

4. Stop Worrying About Your Hair, Helen

So you probably don’t need 100 hair ties, but for $6, why not? Pick out the colors you like to put in your bag and leave the rest at home. I bought these over a year ago and I don’t think I’ll ever need to buy hair ties again.

5. Shine On

Boots a little dusty from running around the show grounds or hanging in your horses stall? Get your boots shining in a second with this express boot polish sponge. Just open, shine & go win your class. (Or at least best dressed.)

6. Avoid Damage from New Boots

Is there ANYTHING worse than breaking in new tall boots? Prevent painful rubs with these blister bandaids & if you’re accident prone like me, pick up a variety pack while you’re at it.

7. Stay Plugged In

I seriously get anxiety when my phone is about to run out of battery. It’s really bad. Keep one of these portable chargers in your bag – it may come in handy if you’re ever in an emergency and need to make a call. Compatible with iPhone and Android. (Make sure you have a cable to connect!)

8. Be a Good Horsey Owner

Isn’t it the worst feeling in the world when you go to reward your pon for a job well done & you realize *gasp* you don’t have any treats?! Keep some mints on hand. They don’t go bad & if you’re needing minty fresh breath you can indulge and not get weird looks for eating horse treats.

9. Don’t Let ‘That Time of the Month’ Sneak Up On You

There is nothing more agonizing than getting your P at the most inopportune time. Especially when you’re wearing TIGHT BEIGE OR WHITE BREECHES. Be a grown up and keep some mini pocket tampons/pads in your kit, for both you AND your barn BFF’s sake.

10. Avoid Hanger

I know a lot of people that are too jittery to eat before they show. But you need to eat SOMETHING at SOME POINT during the day, so keep a bar or two on hand along with a cute water bottle so you can stay ~*FrEsH & HyDrAtEd*~ (I happen to like Luna bars and LOVE my Yeti tumbler. It keeps my water chilled ALL DAY and hot drinks steamy, too. It’s like magic and 100% worth the investment.)

So… those are my emergency kit must-have’s. A few other things I’ve learned come in handy (but aren’t total necessities) are:

Barn Sneakers

You don’t want to be running around in your tall boots all day, you spent HOURS (right?!) getting those perfectly polished. Commit one pair of sneakers for the barn or shows, keep them in your bag, car or trunk and be done with it. Here are a few I like (you’ll notice they’re all slip on!)

Freshen Up

If it’s a long day, most of the time we go straight from the show to dinner. Here are some of the things I always like to have on hand so I don’t look (and smell) too horsey. It takes me five minutes in the car (or in the makeshift tack room) to feel all *ahhh that’s better.*

Keep it Organized

Here are some cute bag ideas to get you excited about putting together your emergency/freshen up kits. What’s the point of even having these things on hand if it’s going to take you forever searching for them at the bottom of a big bag?

Well, that’s all I’ve got! If you have any suggestions, questions or just want to chat – be sure to send me an email via the contact tab. I love hearing from you!XO


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  1. That bacpack is to die for! I really want a Maelort and Co. backpack! I also love your youtube channel.
    What are your favorite breeches to ride in?

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