The No BS Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together

I love organization. When I stay on top of it it’s so good for me mentally and not to mention amazing for productivity. But when I fall behind or get lazy and things start to pile up, it’s almost like I become frozen and unsure of where to even begin. I’ll stare at the pile of laundry, unmade bed, disorganized closet, unsorted mail and feel utterly hopeless. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. For some reason when I have a handful of seemingly easy things I really need to do I have trouble knowing where to get started.

Be an adult and do all of the things or ignore them & go to the barn?
I’ll tackle my work no problem. But when I come home to a disorganized house this feeling of dread just overcomes me. So I’ve come up with simple tactics to keeping the easy things in order so I can get on with the more important ones.

1. Make Your Goddamn Bed.

Doing this every morning has changed my life. I DON’T KNOW WHY. But I instantly feel organized and like I’m starting my day off right. I’ve also found I’m more prone to keeping the organization train going once I start it first thing. Buy yourself some cute sheets and pillows to make it #worthit. (I also have ’Sheet Sunday’ where I change my bedding every Sunday. Don’t be gross and sleep in dirty sheets. Your skin will thank you.)

2. Plan Those #ROOTDs in Advance.

Lay out your outfit(s) the night before. Most days I’m at the gym 6-7 and riding 8-9ish. I’ve found putting my workout clothes and #ROOTD out the night before saves me the weirdly agonizing question of what to wear. Does anyone else leave their closet looking like a tornado ripped through it? Just to go hack your horse? I always check the weather, too. Better safe than sorry, no one likes freezing or getting caught in the rain.

3. Manage Your Money.

Pay your bills on the 1st and the 15th. Just do it. It makes budgeting so much easier and you’ll never wonder “oops didn’t I pay that?” when your electricity goes out.

4. Avoid Tampon Runs.

Put household necessities (toilet paper, paper towels etc.) on auto re-order. Use Amazon Prime. It’s amazing. For some reason there’s nothing I loathe more than driving to the grocery for one. thing. Like Toilet paper. Or Tampons. Or making your significant other go buy tampons. Funny, but also mean. Ugh.

5. Stay Fresh ‘n So Clean, Clean.

DRY. SHAMPOO. Sometimes I lose track of time at the barn or Donny needs a longer school. Dry shampoo has saved my life so many times.  Living Proof Perfect Hair Day is my favorite, Not Your Mothers is also great and my budget friendly option.

6. Don’t Be a Flake.

Use. Your. Calendar. Write down everything in your calendar as soon as you commit to something or make a plan. Don’t be the flakey friend. If you’re driving ask Siri to do it for you – no excuses, Sally.

7. Hydrate Early & Often!

Drink water. Just do it. I’m not going to tell you why because you already know.

8. Don’t Be a Hoarder.

Unless you’re Marry Poppins, clean out your purse every weekend. I always end up with wrappers, receipts, and the weirdest odds and ends floating around my bag. Just clean it out and organize your wallet every Sunday. You’ll thank me later.

9. Catch those Zzz’s.

Sleep. Give your body the rest it needs. Running on four hours of sleep won’t get you anywhere fast. Shoot for eight hours (haha what?!) or be like me and aim for seven. You’ll be happier, more alert and better at decision making. Try it!

10. Treat Yo-Self!

Life can be a beast. It’s so easy to get sucked into the grind. Try to do something for yourself once in a while, like getting a facial or taking a bubble bath with a sweet new bath bomb and reading that book you’ve been meaning to get into for the past six months.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and you’re not going to change your habits in one, either. But start with making your bed. Make it a good habit, and try a few other time savers just to see how they make you feel. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And if anyone tries to tell me “I don’t have time do to these things” I call BS. Besides the facial or bubble bath, none of these should take you more than 5 minutes, MAX! So no excuses, play like a champion.

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