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Finally, the need for a quality high end online tack store has been filled. On the rare occasion I decide to treat myself with a nice piece of equestrian apparel I never really know where to turn. When I learned about Saddle Shoppe, I began browsing their website and unfortunately (for my wallet) wanted everything on the site.
Their offerings are priced moderate to high, but the quality is outstanding. Brands I was not familiar with, such as Dada Sport, Cavallo and Carma Italia had me ooh-ing and ahh-ing. What I loved about many of the pieces was how they could be worn both riding and everyday.
Take a look at this gorgeous shirt from Dada sport. I would style it with a pair of black skinny jeans and boots just as quickly as I would ride or show in it! That’s why I adore Saddle Shoppe – you’re buying investment pieces that work in more ways than one.

After trying a pair of Cavallo breeches from SS, I was sold.

​The Daja Grip Breech has a mid-rise waist that hits in just the right spot. The grip is not overly tacky but just enough to give you a little extra security in the saddle. My favorite thing about them? The front zipper pockets and design of the grip. Jelica, the owner of SS, told me she wore her pair out once and got tons of compliments from non-horsey people. After trying them on for myself, I can see why!

Long story short, Saddle Shoppe was able to outfit me in new, gorgeous brands I’d never heard of before. By answering a few questions they got my sizing right the very first time and now I never want to shop anywhere else. They’re setting a new standard within the online equestrian retail space.

Check them out now at and use code ECE20 for $20 off your purchase!

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  1. I bought from The Saddle Shoppe over 6 months ago and have neither been refunded nor got my breeches. Can you help me get the breeches or money back? I also have seen other people review that they also never got their items. Can you help raise awareness and get their attention ? Please.

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