View Halloo: More Than Just a Journal

I am an organized, slightly OCD person by nature. Sometimes that requires me to shove a bunch of miscellaneous items into a closet to be sorted through at a later date, which yes, does sound quite the opposite of organized, but I assure you I’ll always get to it. I guess I love order and things that are both useful AND aesthetically pleasing.

On top of my to-do lists and filing system, I love keeping track of my progress with Donny. In fact, that was my main reason for starting The East Coast Equestrian. My Instagram account was to serve as a timeline of sorts, and also give me a place to post all things horsey without annoying my non-horsey friends.

When I purchased Donny, I quickly realized I needed a place to keep track of the number of things that went hand in hand with owning a rather large, living breathing animal. Registration and membership numbers, division points, insurance policy IDs and vaccination history… the list can go on and on. I have a sad, white binder where I keep most of this information, and when I need something I usually spend a minute or five flipping through to find it. There had to be a better way to keep track of EVERYTHING equine-related.

*Insert the View Halloo Equestrian Competition Journal*

View Halloo? What does that mean? Where does it come from? If you aren’t asking yourself that question, you’re either well versed in the history of fox hunting or just aren’t as curious as you should be!

I asked Rebecca, the owner, where the name came from. The story behind it made me nostalgic for my youth! She directed me to a clip from the Disney movie Mary Poppins – the one where Mary and  Bert are riding merry-go-round horses in the cartoon fox hunt. Said Rebecca, “For as long as I can remember, I have always loved this movie clip and it has stayed with me over the years. When I finally got back into horses after a 12 year hiatus (I was completing my medical degree), for some reason I started to think about this clip again and I looked up the meaning of the term View Halloo. What I found, I loved, because it completely summarized my experience and feeling about horses in my life.”

So… what does View Halloo mean?

One reference Rebecca mentioned:

“The call that is given, when there is something worth chasing in the field.”

Rebecca went on to explain how that resonated with her, because “horses and goals related to horses have ALWAYS been the thing in life I have chased or focused on. This was my first hunter’s name and when the idea for the equestrian journal popped into my brain, I knew this was the perfect name for the company. And there you go, View Halloo was born. The fox is a symbol for the company which represents the goals we chase when we ride or spend time with our beloved horses.”

If that doesn’t get you motivated… I don’t know what will!
I have to admit, before I received the journal, I was worried I wouldn’t be using it as much as I would have been this past summer when I was competing quite frequently. Those worries quickly subsided once I began scanning the index.

Not one category or aspect of horse ownership or the important details and deadlines that go into competing were overlooked. The journal covers the following categories:

– Horse Information
– Registration
– Insurance
– Important Contacts
– Daily Care
– Medication
– Supplements
– Coggins
– Certifications & Health Certificates
– Detailed Health History
– Veterinary Care Notes
– Vaccinations
– Worming
– Joint Care
– Dental Care
– Alternative Therapies
– Detailed Shoeing Record
– Shoeing Notes
– Blanketing
– Equipment Log
– Equipment Notes
– Items to Buy
– Training Record
– Training Notes
– Master Show Calendar
– Travel Itinerary & Horse Shipping Details
– Competition Record
– Competition Notes
– Expense Record
– Horse Show Expenses
– Goals & Plans
– Goal Action Plan
– Gratitude
– Accomplishments
– Favorite Memories
​- Notes

The best part? It has room for more than one horse. Think of this journal as two things: 1. An investment. 2. Your horsey Bible. It covers every detail about your horse(s) and their overall care, so technically you could hand this over with them if you were ever unable to care for them yourself and expect their program to go relatively unchanged. It’s THAT detailed. Plus, the gorgeous illustrations and meticulously thought out design & layout of each section makes the journaling process extremely fulfilling  and stress-free.

Another aspect of the journal that I love is the focus on positivity. Including sections for goal setting, accomplishments and gratitude is so important. In a sport that is just as demanding mentally (if not more so) as it is physically, it’s easy to beat yourself up over ‘failures’ and ‘shortcomings.’ Writing down the positive aspects of your ride helps train your brain to appreciate the GOOD over the bad, while also learning from your show experience, clinic or lesson.

 To sum it up, this journal is for everyone.

The 9-5 Amateurs: Become more invested in your horses program & your progress. (Not for lack of need or want, we just know how it is to work full time and own a horse.) Have your trainer and barn manager help you fill out the sections you’re not quite sure on. When time is not on your side, let this be a tool for you to keep things organized and in one place for quick & easy reference.
Juniors: Use this as an opportunity to learn as much as you can about the aspects of horse care and develop an appreciation & respect for all of the individuals that put in time and effort to keep your horse healthy and happy. It truly does take a village.
Pros/Barn Managers: Stay organized and on top of each of your horses programs, health and performance. Use it as a collaborative tool  with your vet and farrier for diagnosing potential issues by having a comprehensive health, shoeing and performance record. Have your students utilize it as a learning tool – especially those working towards the EAP.
Parents: Teach your children the importance of organization, taking initiative and goal setting. Keep their riding experience positive by having them record their lessons and achievements. Most importantly, document the best memories and have fun years from now taking a trip down memory lane.

You can purchase the journal in black/silver or brown/gold here. They retail for $74.95, but until 11/23 you can get 15% off with code ECE15! It makes the perfect holiday gift for any equestrian in your life.

Have any questions about the journal? Email us! We would be happy to go into more detail about any of the sections. Also, if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our YouTube Unboxing & Review!


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