Style Up & Give Back with Park North Designs

In this crazy equestrian world we all live in, we meet many different types of people. Some are in it to win it, others observers from afar, but then there are those that pursue their passion and make it fit into their life no matter what it takes.
Insert Rachel, the founder and designer of Park North Designs, based in Winter Park, FL (the heart of Welly World!) An avid photographer and rider, she found herself wanting to come up with a way to help the heartbreaking number of homeless and abused horses in the United States. The result? The gorgeous PND nail necklace.
“Providing bold style and wearability, the PND Nail is an asset to any wardrobe and with every purchase helps a horse in need.” I found the bold style and wearability part to be entirely true. I received compliments on it from horsey and non-horsey people alike while wearing it to a wedding, date night and even the barn paired with a sun shirt. 
The fact that 10% of every purchase goes to help a horse in need is what really made me connect with Rachel. Not long after we began talking, Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas. We quickly started discussing how we could raise money to help and Rachel had the great idea to produce the #HelpHarveysHorses wristbands to raise money for the GoFundMe started by ECE. Partnering with Amy from Hunt Seat Paper Co. and Sarah from City Girl Equestrian, we were able to raise almost $5,000.
Giving a gift that truly does keep on giving is one that should be a no-brainer. So if you’ve been thinking about treating yourself, need a birthday or upcoming holiday gift for a family member or friend, consider the PND nail necklace. It’s the perfect piece that not only goes with everything, but also serves as a conversation starter. Each purchase helps a horse in need and spreads awareness of the support that is needed for thousands of horses across the country.
The PND Nail can be purchased here. It comes in two lengths, 16” (pictured above) and 20”. The nail is premium sterling silver so it will not tarnish or irritate those with sensitive skin. 10% of every purchase is donated to a vetted and reputable equine rescue or charity.

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