Bath Time & Grooming – Express 101

Bath time is something that a lot of horses dislike, but Donny happens to love it! When I first got him he was very wary of having his face or ears touched, but as you can see he’s way past that! It just took time and letting him develop his trust in me, and never rushing him or getting frustrated. I still use a sponge to clean and rinse his face, because he hates the hose (I don’t blame him! I wouldn’t want to be sprayed in the face, ever!)

Products I Use Regularly:


The Herbal Horse Tea Tree Mint Organic Shampoo with Aloe Vera
I love this shampoo so much I’ve thought about using it myself! I dilute it in warm water and wash his entire body with a sponge and pour it straight into my hands to work into his mane and tail. It smells great and leaves him soft and shiny.


The Herbal Horse Heal Quick Salve
You can use this on just about anything – cuts, bug bites, rashes… and it helps so much! D had a bad bug bite on his hind end so I finished up our grooming session by applying this to the spot.


Sport Horse Essentials Coat Spray, Fungus Spray and Fly Spray
After I’m done washing him and I’ve squeegee’d and towel-dried him, I’ll spray his coat, mane and tail with SHE coat spray. If he has any gunky spots or rubs, I’ll use the Fungus spray on those spots as well. The fly spray is great to use whenever, but it’s always my finishing touch before taking him out to graze in the sun to let him air dry.


Sport Horse Essentials Hoof Oil
I love this conditioning hoof oil from SHE. It’s not runny, goes on nicely and really conditions his hooves.

Check out our express sped-up grooming vlog on YouTube for an inside look at bath time with D! As you can see I got pretty soaked, but my For Horses breeches actually surprised me and dried SO quickly! I left my rain boots at home from the horse show last weekend, otherwise I 100% would have been wearing those as opposed to my schooling boots.

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