Ring Bag Essentials: What to Pack to Avoid Ringside Drama Feat. MaeLort

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s being unprepared. Nine times out of ten I overpack, but my reasoning is at least I have options! This week is our first big ‘away’ show. We’re headed up to Manchester, Vermont for Week 6 of the Vermont Summer Festival. It was one of my favorite shows as a junior, so I’m extremely excited to go back! Read on to see what I consider the essentials for packing up and shipping out to the big leagues. (Well, at least the big leagues for us!)
Sometimes, it’s not the things we’re worried about forgetting that we end up needing the most. Like you’ll probably remember your spurs, but what about a pen and extra check? Or a Tide to Go stick? I’ve made a new v-log outlining what I like to have in my (new MaeLort!) bag and why.
One of my favorite features of the MaeLort bag is the helmet pouch. It takes an everyday bag and transforms it into an equestrian essential. The additional crop holder and numerous pockets make it a super bag for those like me who covet organization. Simply put, the MaeLort bag is where style meets function seamlessly. I think it’s worth the money, especially if you’re constantly on the go, because this is a bag that can 100% keep up with you no matter how hard you’re grinding. I (awkwardly) break down all of the great features in the v-log below, so check it out!

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