ECE Closet Raid: Belts

Let’s be honest. Most of us like to make sure our #ROOTDs coordinate a little bit. At least I do! Hey, I have no problem being the first to confess. So, I’ve emptied out my closet to give an inside look at my go-to belts. I’ll tell you what I like, what I don’t and where to get ’em.

1. Ellany Equestrian

Ellany Equestrian makes d-ring and elastic surgicle style belts in pretty much every color and pattern under the sun. They also come in 1.5″ and 2″ sizes which is perfect if your closet has breeches that vary in belt loop width. At $18 for a d-ring and $35 for an elastic surgicle, you aren’t going to get a better deal ESPECIALLY for the quality EE delivers. Check them out here & while you’re on their site, make sure you don’t miss the custom apparel and saddle pads! I have the AP pad and they’re awesome (they can also be customized with just about whatever you can dream of!)

2. Tailored Sportsman

Like their breeches, I feel like the TS Quilted C Belt is a staple in almost everyone’s closet. I used to wear this belt all the time because it fit my TS breeches perfectly (as it should!) and the suede navy one I had went with pretty much everything. One drawback for me was the clunkiness of the belt buckle. I couldn’t wear a vest or sweater without feeling like it made me look bulky. For $95 though, you better be wearing this a ton! You can find them on Smartpak here.

3. Hermes

Ok, this is the most fancy schmancy of the group and I only have one because it was a Christmas gift from my parents. I wear this a lot though so at least it’s getting put to good use. I only show in this belt. I wear it out to dinner or to work all of the time though. If you’re looking for a lifetime investment piece or going through a midlife crisis, you can get one here.

4. Shop Hunt Club

What’s stretchy, comes in a ton of fun colors and at $34 reasonably affordable? The Shop Hunt Club Derby Belt! I like these a lot. The width is about 1.5″ and the stretchiness of the material is enough to feel like you’re being supported yet allows a nice give while getting up and over those bigger fences. You can shop the full collection here or use code Taylor25 for 25% off the styles stocked at City Girl Equestrian.

5. Smathers & Branson

Full disclosure: I bought the skull and crossbones belt as a gift for Dan at a golf shop but keep taking it out of his closet to use for myself! These needlepoint belts come in a ton of patterns/themes. Since they are needlepoint, they’re pricey at $165 but if you want to reason with yourself it is like you’re buying a piece of art. They also have super cute key fobs, coasters and hats. Take a look here.

6. Vineyard Vines

Do I need to explain myself? Both Dan and I have a few of these hanging around from high school but I still love wearing them to ride. They’re preppy and a nod to the East Coast which I love. They’re constantly coming out with new styles although they don’t have as many as they used to so you need to check their site often. FYI – they’re in the mens section, here’s an example.

7. Ruespari

Stretchy, lots of colors and three different buckle options. Ranging from $70-$75 for a surgicle or classic buckle to $95 for an engraved RUESPARI buckle or custom order, these are becoming increasingly popular on the A show circuit. I have two different versions, a black and a turquoise. The black does not offer any support at all. I love the look, but the material is so stretchy that it serves as more of an accent piece to my #ROOD vs a functional belt. The turquoise on the other hand is made out of sturdier, more elastic material. This one offers support and I wish the black one was the same because I would wear it a lot more! Take a look at options here.

8. Amazon Prime

Looking for a cheap option? Amazon has some Derby belt lookalikes! At $9.99 the quality is hit or miss. I have two myself and one of buckles is sub-par. Check out these or just search for ‘elastic woven belt’ and you’ll find some different options.

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