Work/Horse Balance: Making the Decision to Make it Work

Something I’ve been asked about is how I balance work and riding, or as I like to put it, #adulting and ponies. The answer is, for a long time, I didn’t. After college I pursued a career in marketing and that pretty much took over my entire life. I loved it, but barely even had time to go to the gym. After five years I started to feel burnt out and under-appreciated.

Considering my options, I decided to call it quits. Half of me felt like I was giving up, but the other half felt like I was finally letting myself live. With the support and encouragement from my amazing (now) husband and family, I completed the required hours, took the exams and became a licensed agent. So… Why real estate? Well, it’s pretty much the family business. I was lucky enough to have a solid platform into the industry and I work with my mom’s team out of Douglas Elliman.

(Side note about Douglas Elliman – if the name sounds familiar, they are a big sponsor at WEF, Old Salem, The Hampton Classic and other shows. Look for the jumps with the turquoise DE logo. We also have a core focus on Equestrian properties – you can “find your equestrian home” here.  So the fact that my new company has a horsey side is pretty sweet.)

It’s not perfect. Yes, I get to set my own hours and be my own boss, but you only get out of it what you put in. You work weekends. You have late nights negotiating. You have to be a people person and turn it on even when you really, really don’t feel like it. There are some months where no deals seem to be coming together and you hustle like crazy to make something happen. Are there nights where I wonder where I would be if I had stayed in marketing? Possibly with some fancy title and mentoring younger account executives while pitching new biz ideas to big name brands? Sure. But I quickly get over those notions when I think about giving up what keeps me sane and is pretty much my therapy.

As the years passed, I forgot how much riding did for me. The confidence it instilled, the patience it taught, and the calm it brought. I didn’t realize how tightly I had been wound up until I found myself crying (yes, crying!) like a little girl on a beautiful fall morning while on one of the first trail rides I would take through the quiet woods with Donny.

Having something that reminds me daily about the importance of partnership, teamwork, support, goal setting and being a good competitor makes me a better businesswoman. I carry those skills from my horsey world over to my negotiating one. And it makes a difference.

I’m glad I made the switch and I wasn’t too late in remembering there is always an alternative track to take when navigating your course.

PS – If you’re looking to buy, sell or rent – shoot me an email! I love meeting new people and making referrals  if you’re not in my area. (Sorry, had to go for the shameless plug.)

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