Why I’m Okay With Being ‘The Horsey Friend’

1. You understand and respect commitments

Rain, hail sleet or snow… your horse, your PARTNER, is waiting on you. You’re committed to showing up when you’re expected to. You  carry this trait over to your human friendships as well, which your friends love and admire. If someone needs a hand, you’re usually one of the first people they think to call.

2. You know how fragile life is

If part of your life revolves around horses, you’ve most likely witnessed or heard about a heartbreaking tragedy. These strong animals are so delicate and a life shattering diagnosis can happen within seconds. You have an unspoken understanding of how this can apply to all living things and respect the delicate balance of life.

3. You are dedicated

Nothing worth having comes easy, especially if it involves a 1200 lb. animal. You have spent countless hours in the saddle, on the ground and even in the dirt to reach the smallest of goals. And after you reach one, you set five more. This makes you the ultimate task master in your non-horsey life.

4. Your attention to detail

You are so in-tune with your horse that the smallest off-step sounds off alarms in your head. You know when something doesn’t feel right from afternoons spent grooming or leaning against your horses side while grazing. You can tell when the footing is too hard or too slippery. If you’re competing, you make sure your show clothes aren’t wrinkled and your boots are clean and polished. This attention to detail crosses over into everyday life. You pick up on the little things, which will always end up helping you (or someone else) somewhere down the line.

5. You’re organized (but…)

You have everything you need (at the barn) perfectly in it’s place. Your home is a different story. OR if you’re a superhero, you take those organization skills and apply them across every aspect of your everyday life. Either way, you have what you need to get the job done.

6. You’re resilient

You’ve been thrown off and gotten back on more times than you can count. Some may call this stubborn, but you don’t give up easily, if at all. You like a challenge and rise to the occasion.

7. You know when to be cautious

It only takes being kicked or bit once to have the respect to “approach with caution.” When  meeting a new horse, dog, person… you are open and friendly but not overbearing. However once you’re cool with one another, you’re their new best friend.

8. You have your head on straight

Well… ok, most of us don’t. BUT there have been numerous studies done proving that riding and interacting with horses is therapeutic, both mentally and physically. In fact, the American Heart Association just released a study on how horseback riding can improve stroke survivors’ perception of recovery, gait, balance, grip strength and cognition years after their stroke. 

9. You love unconditionally

You’re content with quiet and understand that love is more than just flowers and ‘will you marry me.’ You know it is the deepest of connections, and can feel it with that individual without needing to say a single word. You’ll always keep giving without expecting anything in return.

10. You have a great sense of humor

If you’re the horsey friend, you have to! You’re the one who has horse treats fall out of your jacket pocket when you reach for your cash to pay for your drink at the bar. You’ve mastered how to tackle helmet hair when you are running late to work after your morning ride (except for the occasional rogue shaving or piece of hay). You may be the first to leave the party because you have to be up at 6am, but you make the time you spend with friends count.

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