You Know You Grew Up Horse Showing in the Early 2000s When…

There were some good things, and some not so good things that we’d prefer to leave in the past.

1. You had monogramed collars. In ALL of the prints.

2. You had to use these devil contraptions:

You 100% have kicked someone trying to help you in the face.

3. You had one option for show coats: hot, not stretchy.

We didn’t have any of this stretchy technical fabric business. Showing in the summers was brutal and I’m surprised more of us didn’t die of heat stroke. (Full disclosure: I don’t know the make of this jacket, it just looked like a torturous one from the Google.)


You needed every color under the sun so you could match your monogrammed collar *just right*

5. Your *must have* accessory was your horse name bracelet

Because who were you without your pony’s name engraved on a piece of uncomfortable leather?

6. Your room looked like this:

Maybe it still does, no judgement here.

7. You jumped everything like a horse.

Or you could go to your rich friends house and jump *the actual thing*
You probably said you could jump a 3′ spread on the top rails and really injured yourself and totally ruined your new TS with grass stains. Sorry mom.

8. High Rise. Side Zip. Tailored Sportsman.


9. Your notebooks looked like this

Ok this is like, really good, and I could never do this in a million years, but you get the idea.

You had the best tan of all tans:

But you wore it as a badge of honor. You worked hard for those terrible tan lines.

7 thoughts on “You Know You Grew Up Horse Showing in the Early 2000s When…

  1. Bows on the back of our VELVET helmets, needlepoint belts, Marigold Jackets in tan plaid
    Thanks for the memories lol

    1. YES!!!! Needlepoint belts – helmets were plastic covered in velvet – very classy looking, black field boots!

    2. I can definitely relate with your post. I’ve experienced some of your points personally. Being in the horse showing scene is a fun and learning experience. I had a fun childhood because of horse showing. If I ever have a child again, I’ll be introducing the same thing to him/her.

  2. Circuit helmets with the clear harness, and your monogrammed collars were either swirly or sparkly. Oh, and flat Crosby saddles (which I still have and love).

  3. Loved this – grew up showing in 4-H, then ag school, then a professional groom. Not much has changed since the 70s and 80s other than the prints of the shirts and the belts!

  4. Ahhhh boot pulls , boot Jack’s, stiff leather patches on britches,needlepoint belts and on the back of your chaps ! Even further back – Marlborough Boots with the leather straps to keep them up !!!

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