Giving Thanks

I really love Thanksgiving. I think it causes people to slow down, take a breath, and reflect on the things that really matter; like family, friends, and of course the ponies. I am extremely lucky to be able to have horses in my life, and I try not to ever take it for granted.

Thanksgiving morning my Mom and I drove up to the farm to give the boys some carrots. She grew up riding as a child but recently started up again when I got Donny. It’s an amazing thing being able to share that type of passion and experience with a parent.

I’ve only had Donny for about two months, but this young horse has reminded me on a daily basis to be patient, kind and positive. He’s a quick learner and aims to please, and as his rider I make a big effort to meet him halfway every time I ask something of him.

It’s a learning experience where we both are bringing each other along, and the nice thing is we’re not in any rush. I’m not chasing points to qualify for medal finals or worrying about Florida. Maybe in a year we’ll be there, but for now I’m quite happy with taking our time to build a solid foundation that will make us a strong team come derby days!


My Mom and Ned


My Mom
Cute Donny

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